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About us

Omex | Om Sons Overseas stands as one of Moradabad, India's pioneering handicrafts export firms. Established in 1979, we take pride in our enduring partnerships with leading businesses worldwide over the years. Our commitment extends to serving esteemed clients and businesses, ranging from high-end retail stores and boutique shops to chain stores and importers across the globe.

In crafting our items, we employ a diverse range of materials, including various metals, wood, and glass. What sets us apart is our specialization in offering customization and personalization options to our clients, making any conceivable idea a reality.


Our in-house manufacturing processes include cutting-edge CNC laser cutting and marking, recently integrated to enhance our production capabilities.

Explore our extensive collection of handicrafts and decorative items, impeccably crafted and showcased on this very website. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of customizing existing items to align with your preferences.


Feel free to reach out with inquiries about our showcased items on our website, or share your own ideas and concepts. We are committed to working out the details at minimal or no additional cost to you. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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