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About us

Omsons /Omex Group is one of the first export houses of Moradabad, India. Established in 1979, we are proud of having associated with the top businesses around the world in these years. Our company has been serving for years, esteemed clients & businesses , which range from high-end retail stores to Boutique shops, chain stores and importers around the globe.

We use metals of all kind, wood & glass in our items. We specialize in providing the customization and personalisation option to our clients.

We have in-house processes of manufacturing wherein laser cutting & marking are the recently added processes.

We also have a wide range of handicrafts and other decorative items that we have already perfected and can be seen on this very website.  We also provide the option of customizing the items already present. 

We welcome your queries for our existing items from our website or your own ideas or developments which will be worked out with a minimum or no cost by us.

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